China Best Sales 12B-3 Metric Roller Chain Sprockets wholesaler

12B-3 roller chain sprockets are manufactured for metric 12B-3 roller chain and are manufactured in accordance with ISO, DIN, and BS228/3 standards. Our sprockets are precision manufactured from high-quality steel, directly interchange with other manufactures, and are engineered for superb performance and durability. Common styles of these sprockets include B-Hub, C-Hub, and taper bushed type but others are available upon request.

12B-3 B-Hub & C-Hub Sprockets:


Sprocket Size Tooth Count Pitch Diameter Stock Bore Maximum Bore Hub Diameter (H) Length Thru Bore (L) Sprocket Weight (kg)

12B-3 Taper Bushed Sprockets:








Sprocket Size Tooth Count Pitch Diameter Bushing Size Max. Bushing Bore Dimension (H) Length Thru bore (L) Sprocket Weight (kg)
E12ATB17 17 103.67mm 2012 50mm 31.8mm 1.28
E12ATB19 19 115.75mm 2012 50mm 31.8mm 2.02
E12ATB21 21 127.82mm 2517 65mm 44.5mm 2.09
E12ATB23 23 139.90mm 2517 65mm 44.5mm 3.00
E12ATB25 25 152.00mm 2517 65mm 44.5mm 3.97
E12BTB27 27 164.09mm 3020 75mm 144mm 51.0mm 3.83
E12BTB30 30 182.25mm 3020 75mm 143mm 51.0mm 5.72
E12BTB38 38 230.69mm 3020 75mm 152mm 51.0mm 7.76
E12CTB45 45 273.10mm 3020 75mm 160mm 51.0mm 10.04
E12CTB57 57 345.81mm 3020 75mm 160mm 51.0mm 14.42
E12CTB76 76 460.99mm 3020 75mm 160mm 51.0mm 25.50
E12CTB95 95 576.17mm 3020 75mm 160mm 51.0mm 36.58
E12CTB114 114 691.36mm 3020 75mm 160mm 51.0mm 47.66

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